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2010 RSA FIFA World Cup South Africa™ 1oz Silver Coin

1oz of 92.5%Silver

With a diameter of 38.72mm, this coin is struck by the South African Mint from 1oz of 92.5% silver.

Celebratory Reverse Design

The coin’s reverse portrays the official FIFA World Cup Trophy in a circular motif surrounded by a variety of national symbols, including a zebra and a springbok.

South African Legal Tender

Issued as legal tender of South Africa, the coin’s obverse depicts the South African coat of arms and the country’s name in English, Afrikaans and eight other official languages.


No more than 20,000 coins will be issued worldwide.

Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Each coin is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

(please click the Perth Mint banner for more information.)

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