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Can I Store My Gold At The Perth Mint ?

Perth is geographically isolated on an island continent. It is the capital city of one of Australia's wealthiest states, Western Australia. Australia is a politically and economically stable country and it's legal, commercial and political structures are derived from systems developed in the United Kingdom.

Western Australia's goldfields are a major world source of gold. The Perth Mint, through its interest in AGR Matthey, refines the majority of this mine output averaging over 400 tonnes of gold.

The Mint itself is also a large user of gold in its bullion and numismatic programs and in its blank manufacturing operations, where it supplies many of the world's Mints with precious metal blanks for their own coin programs. Unlike other depositories, which are merely warehouses, Perth Mint Depository is therefore intimately involved in and in close proximity to the physical gold market.

Perth Mint Depository stores precious metal in a high security environment approved by international insurers. That environment includes physical security (such as vaults and security staff), electronic security (such as surveillance and alarms), and an impressive level of procedural security for receiving, releasing and accounting for precious metal deposits.

As a result, The Perth Mint offers one of the world's most secure locations for hard asset storage.


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