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Buying Collectable Gold and Silver Coins

Every coin that you see on this site is a Limited Edition Coin. In many cases the editions only run 3000-5000 coins - and once they are sold out there are no more available for that edition. So when you buy a coin you can be sure that you are getting something unique.

Pricing of the coins from the date we publish rises and falls with the value of Gold and Silver - so you will need to click through our banner to see the latest updated prices of the coins. When we first started this blog Gold was around $900 and we wrote a few articles as to why the price would rise from there. These metals in this world environment of financial distress are always sought and valued by collector's.

The Perth Mint is more than just a seller of collectable coins. They also produce Gold and Silver Bullion which you can have shipped to your house - or you can store it at the Mint itself. So whether you are looking for a distinctive collectable coin or simply to buy bullion then you can feel comfortable dealing with The Perth Mint.

We bought one of the Transformers coins and the Barbie Coin which you can see pictured on this site. In addition our family has made presents of these coins for birthdays and other occasions and there has never been a time that anyone has not enjoyed receiving one.

So if your looking for purchasing any sort of Gold or Silver browse our site - Click through our Perth Mint Banner and check on the latest inventory and pricing. The coins can be shipped worldwide with full insurance so there are no concerns about your deliveries.

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